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A Deterministic Size-Structured Metapopulation Model

John Val tex2html_wrap_inline1954 , Jana Verboom tex2html_wrap_inline1956 , J.(Hans) A.J. Metz tex2html_wrap_inline1954
1 Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences,Department of Theoretical Biology
Leiden University, Kaiserstraat 63,NL-2311 GP, Leiden, the Netherlands.
2 Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN),
P.O. Box 23, 6700 AA Wageningen, the Netherlands

February 26, 1997


A metapopulation model is presented for species which can reach high population densities per patch, and for which migration is such a frequent event that it influences local patch dynamics. Depending on the local dynamics chosen and the way patch extinction is modeled, there can exist stable and bi-stable situations. The model is compared to winking-patch models and single population models, favoring the latter as representatives of metapopulation dynamics. Although empty patches cannot exist in the model unless they are inhabitable, results comparable to those for the winking-patch models do exist. Single population models appear to be excellent predictors in studying the possible presence of a metapopulation.